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CrossFit Sarajevo proudly supporting
'Ruku na Srce' Foundation's 'No Child Without a Gift' campaign

In the season of giving, CrossFit Sarajevo is proud to announce that we are once again supporting Ruku na srce's 'No Child Without a Gift' campaign (“Nijedno dijete bez paketića”) with a donation of twenty gift packs - including notebooks, stationery, toys and clothing.

The campaign seeks to collect donations of sweets and new and second-hand toys, clothing and stationery to gift to children from socially disadvantaged families in Sarajevo.

For members who wish to donate to a good cause, CrossFit Sarajevo will be accepting donations on behalf of Ruku na srce until Saturday 19 December.

Thanks to all our members who made this initiative a success last year - we hope to do it again this year!

Details about this campaign can be found at www.rukunasrce.ba.

Past Events


Thanks to everyone who helped our coach, Maz, mark his 34th birthday!
After 650 Burpees kitted out in a 15kg fireman's suit, he's definitely stronger, if not wiser, with age!

A big thank you to everyone who donated to the fundraiser - we're so proud of the CrossFit Sarajevo family!

Our final tally came to 1590KM, with all donations going directly to support Gabriela Banic and the HSUST team, who are working tirelessly to help refugees in need at the Serbia-Croatia border.

Additionally, thanks to Armin for throwing down the gauntlet and setting the challenge. While Maz was lucky to be able to take the suit off at the end of today, he has a newfound respect for fireman and all first responders who not only risk their lives to help others, but do so in conditions that are difficult to appreciate.


Congratulations to all CrossFit Sarajevo members who completed this year's Sarajevo Half-Marathon and Fun Run as part of our annual fundraiser!

Thanks to your efforts, we raised more than 2700KM for SOS Children's Village BiH! Thanks for supporting the invaluable work of SOS Children's Village, and for giving CrossFit Sarajevo a spirit that we can be proud of!

14 August 2015

Our thanks to everyone who helped our coach, Esin, celebrate her 30th birthday with 1300 burpees, and raise 1500KM to support the work undertaken by 'Udruženje Autizam u BiH'!

'Udruženje Autizam u BiH' Having seen the services provided by 'Udruženje Autizam u BiH' first-hand - including assessing, diagnosing and educating autistic children and providing support to their families - we are proud to support such a worthy cause.

To all our friends, family and members who donated, feel free to sit back and watch all 1300 chest-to-ground burpees (in fast-forward!) Esin's 30th Birthday Burpee Blowout

14 May 2015

Thanks to all those who participated in CrossFit Sarajevo's fund raiser sticker competition, helping support the valuable work of 'Srce ze Djecu Oboljelu od Raka'.

A big congratulations to Nerma, whose entry won her the CFS gift pack! The generosity of our members and their donations has seen us raise 500KM for 'Srce ze Djecu Oboljelu od Raka'!

'Srce ze Djecu Oboljelu od Raka' is a local not-for-profit organisation, providing essential supplies and services to children fighting cancer and their families.

CrossFit Sarajevo proudly supporting
'Ruku na Srce' Foundation's 'No Child Without a Gift' campaign

It's the time of year when many of us stop and reflect on the year that has passed, and take stock of our fortunes. Despite having opened our doors only four months ago, we at CrossFit Sarajevo feel fortunate to have a great group of supportive members who have had an overwhelmingly positive impact on our box. We feel it's only fair to share this with the broader community. In the spirit of end-of-year festivities, CrossFit Sarajevo is proud to announce that we will be supporting the 'Ruku na Srce' Foundation's 'No Child Without a Gift' campaign.

CrossFit Sarajevo will be donating 20 gift packs containing school supplies to help the most vulnerable within our community. For any members wishing to participate in this campaign, we invite you to deposit donations of toys (new/used), school supplies, winter clothes and/or sweets at the donation box at our venue, or contact the 'Ruku na Srce' Foundation directly. Donations will be accepted until Friday, 12th December.

Let's get behind this great organisation and noble cause. A little from us will mean so much to them!


21 September 2014 Sarajevo Half-Marathon/Fun Run

CrossFit Sarajevo is proud to announce that we raised 1585 KM for SOS Children's Village BiH as part of our Open Day fundraiser. A big thank you to our members, friends and family who helped out leading up to and on the day, and for supporting those most vulnerable within our community!

Members of CrossFit Sarajevo present a donation to
SOS Children's Village Bosnia and Herzegovina

(Sarajevo, 22.09.2014) After participating in the Sarajevo Half-marathon and Fun Run, CrossFit Sarajevo members demonstrated some of the exercises that comprise CrossFit at their newly opened venue, before formally handing over a donation check to SOS Chilidren's Village Bosnia and Herzegovina. CrossFit Sarajevo members chose to use their donations to support the valuable work done by SOS Children's Village, but with it, they also sought to encourage other sportspeople, whether professional or casual, to become personally involved in socially responsible activities.

Vedran Maslić and Esin Saribatir, founders and owners of CrossFit Sarajevo, presented a cheque to SOS Children's Village Bosnia and Herzegovina for the total amount of 1585.00 KM. During the presentation, Esin Saribatir expressed her satisfaction in the fact that in one single day members and friends of CrossFit Sarajevo raised a significant amount of money. 'We know that our donation will be used in the best possible way, and that it will help cover at least a portion of SOS Children's Village expenses'.

'On behalf of SOS Children's Village Bosnia and Herzegovina, I would like to express my gratitude for showing trust in our organisation and choosing to support the work we do. With your donation, you are ensuring that we secure the highest quality of care for children growing up without their parents. At the same time, through a program known as 'Strengthening families' you are helping in the prevention of child separation from their biological parents. We have a difficult and responsible duty in taking care of 1000 children in Bosnia and Herzegovina while ensuring they grow into decent, honest, wholesome and hardworking adults; however, facing our numerous challenges is made easier with the help of friends like yourselves' adds Una Mesić, SOS Children's Village Bosnia and Herzegovina, Donations and Communications Department.

CrossFit Sarajevo members have promised to visit SOS Children's Village in Sarajevo, to meet the children and their SOS mothers. Through engagement and activities, they wish to set an example for the children and motivate them towards a life filled with exercise and healthy lifestyle choices.

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